Jenssen Arcana
Grande Champagne Single Cask Cognac
Jenssen Arcana

Born from grapes grown on the chalky hills of Grande Champagne almost a century ago, Arcana teaches us that time spent inside a cask of French oak is time well spent – at least for an outstanding cognac.

Inside the cask, time tames the fire of young eau-de-vie to forge the subtle magic of old cognac; developing its potential and, eventually, realizing it. Parts of the precious amber liquid evaporate to give thirsty angels their share, and to give us mortals a naturally concentrated, even more precious cognac

Discreet at first, Arcana invites us to admire the shimmering golden rim crowning her glowing amber body before letting swirls of heady aromas gently come up out of the glass, and reveal her harmonious complexity in a disarmingly elegant manner.

A first flare detects cedar and blond tobacco, then honey and nutmeg, and after a while, beneath delicate notes of butterscotch, scents of orange blossom, acacia, hazelnut and chocolate complete the picture.

On the palate it offers an explosion of aromas, thrusting notes of orange, figs and vanilla out to the finest capillary vessels. Then a fine veil of butterscotch brings us from ripe and candied fruit to coco, hazelnut and more virile flavours like leather and old oak, tempered with streams of dried rose. Its surprising vivacity and remarkably long, lingering aftertaste recapture all its years of ageing and haunt the senses like the memory of a first love.

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Arcana is bottled on demand from demijohns into hand-blown crystal carafes, each numbered from 600 and provided with a certificate of authenticity.

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