Guillon Painturaud Renaissance
Grande Champagne Single Vintage Cognac
Guillon Painturaud Renaissance

An extremely small production run made - as with all of this producer’s cognacs - from a single year’s production – this one being matured for 40 years before bottling. This is the oldest cognac produced by Guillon-Painturaud and includes everything that we love about this grower’s cognacs which also make them unique – the purity of flavour, very little wood, and a bountiful supply of the fabled and elusive “Rancio”.

For those unfamiliar with the term Rancio is usually only found in smaller producer’s products because they are aged for much longer – in this case for 40 years. Rancio is a rich, sweet, fruit-cake like taste which is gained through the careful ageing process – this is not the far less subtle woody flavour that can be found in many old cognacs, rancio is the delicate sweetness from aging in old wood - not in new casks - as new ones can impart a very heavy wood flavour if used for too long.

This is a delicate, subtle and delightful old cognac – one our all time favourites.

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