Olivier Tébily was born in 1975 in Côte d’Ivoire; he was an international football champion with an unbelievable successful career.

After years of his career, he decided to hang up his shoes and start a new life. Olivier Tébily decided to spend this second life to realize his long time dream; to become the first African wine grower and to produce his own cognac “Source deux vie” as a tribute to his country.

His passion and determination have allowed him to successfully enter in this small and specialized market. “Source deux vie” is a new entrant in the cognac world.

Communality, simplicity, passion, and determination are the values that Olivier Tébily believes in and because he traveled around the world due to his football career, he brought these great values with him and are now the basis for this new and successful life as a special tribute to Côte d’Ivoire and to his heritage.

The Vineyard

The secret of a great cognac begins in the vineyard Cognac is an eau-de-vie distilled largely from Ugni Blanc grapes produced on the 75,000 hectares of theCognac Appellation Area.

In the mild climate of the Charente, the grapes draw all their warmth from the heart of this land. Grande-Champagne, Borderies, Petite Champagne, Fins Bois and Bois Ordinaires are the 6 vineyard growth areas, or Crus, of the Cognac Appellation area, forming a set of concentric circles surrounding the town ofCognac.ÿ

Due to the different soil and climate conditions, each Cru produces Cognacs with specific but often complementary qualities. Grande Champagne boasts the finest eau-de-vie. The Cognacs from this area are clear, light and their complex bouquet is unrivalled in the world.

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Très Vieux Cognac

Grande Champagne Single Estate Cognac


Grande Champagne Single Estate Cognac


Grande Champagne Single Estate Cognac


Grande Champagne Single Estate Cognac

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