The Drouet family estate is in the small village of Salles d’Angles which is only few miles from the town of Cognac. They have invested in state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that their range of prestigious Cognacs is constantly receiving the best possible care. They have their own distillery, laboratory, bottling plant and, of course, a tasting cellar.

Conscious of the importance of perpetuating the age-old family tradition Patrick Drouet adheres to a strict quality control system to ensure that the high standards are maintained throughout the various stages in the viticulture and vinification process.

The soil is limestone as is typical of the Grande Champagne region; Monsieur Drouet uses mostly the Ugni Blanc grape but mixes this with 7% Colombard for added complexity. The grapes are gently pressed and fermented in vats until an alcoholic strength of between 8-9% is achieved for the wine, which is left to mature unfiltered.

Double distillation then follows and the eau-de-vie is transferred to new Tronçais or Limousin barrels for the first 12 months after distillation, during which time it acquires a golden yellow to rich brown colour. It is then placed in older barrels, known as “roux”, where the maturing process continues for up to several decades.

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Grande Champagne Single Estate Cognac


Grande Champagne Single Estate Cognac

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Grande Champagne Single Estate Cognac

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Grande Champagne Single Estate Cognac

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